About us

St. Catherine School is a Catholic elementary school serving the areas of Canyon Meadows and Legacy. We are a Kindergarten-Grade 6 school with a Pre-School Program.

Patron Saint

Our Patron Saint

Catherine Benincasa was born in Siena, Italy, in 1347, the youngest of 25 children. From the beginning, Catherine was a very prayerful child. She decided when she was still young that she loved Jesus and wanted to serve and please Him especially during her life. Catherine worked hard, taking care of the house and doing every task as well as she could. When she was older, she decided not to get married, but, instead, she became a sister in the Dominican order.

Catherine became famous because of her dedication to prayer and to helping the poor and the sick. She made and baked bread herself which she gave to the poor. She cared for a woman who had leprosy. She helped prisoners, even those who were condemned to death. She made peace between cities which were at war with each other. She was wise even though she did not have a good education.

Catherine loved Jesus so much that she wanted to be like Him. She welcomed hardship and suffering in her life because Jesus had suffered too. Sometimes her prayer and suffering were so intense that she saw visions of Jesus.

After her death it was said that her hands and feet were marked by stigmata – wounds like those of Jesus. She had indeed become like Him!

Prayer of Saint Catherine

St. Catherine,

Most blessed and favored patron saint,
Thou who sought the truth with perseverance,
loved the truth in humility,
taught the truth in charity,
and defended the truth with courage,
pray for us.
Obtain for us the grace to persevere in truth,
to be a light in the darkness of the times in which we live,
and to convey to others,
both in our written words and in our actions,
the responsibility, wisdom, and knowledge
to proclaim the truths of our holy Faith
as proclaimed by the Church.
O holy virgin and bride of Christ,
whose letters inspired, guided, and led the Church
to renewal and transformation,
obtain too for us the grace to live the truth,
the patience to endure the trials and hardships,
to carry our Cross in the spirit of prayer and self denial,
and to defend the Church in its hour of crucifixion.
We ask these in Christ’s name,




Questions and inquiries may be made by phoning 403-500-2061.